Exploring the City

Bartholomew and Cloth Fairs provide an opportunity to introduce visitors to more of the City’s culture and heritage. In this Explore section:

  • Information about City walks
  • Linking Bartholomew and Cloth Fair locations and walks – with an unofficial map
  • The City’s aims

Information about City walks

I have used the Wakelet curating tool to pull together information both from the City Corporation, and from independent guides. I have embedded the result in two pages on this site, and added other links below:

Linking Bartholomew Fair locations and walks

In addition I’ve started an experiment into how it might be possible to provide additional maps and information that will help visitors find their way to the Fair, and also engage with the City further during their visit. 

So far I’ve created a Google map with linked information sheets. Click sidebar icon top left to get a list of locations. The information sheets have a Streetview, location map, and links to City walks. I’ve used Dropbox Paper to create the information sheets, because that system provides an easy way to embed maps and images.

View the map together with information sheets

There now an official map and programme which I have embedded on a page here.

The City aims

One of the main aims of the City Corporation’s Bartholomew Fair – and wider Destination City programme – is “To engage audiences with the City’s unique culture and heritage” and the first presentation of plans promised to “Improve wayfinding by increasing awareness that the City is not individual buildings, but a collective of fascinating places to see, spend in and work at”.

There was a map in the presentation which showed some key areas of interest, with markers which might relate to heritage sites and other attractions. That prompted me to write an initial blog post suggesting How Bartholomew Fair might benefit City residents and visitors all year, followed by other posts on the benefits of wandering about. While the Fair will bring in thousands of visitors over a few weeks, the longer-term attraction of the City will depend in part on informal exploration.

A section of the City’s main visitor site has reference to some walks and “hidden gems” but it doesn’t cover all of those available, or connect with the main Fair locations. I hope the unofficial map may spark ideas for next year.

David Wilcox